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Melissa Moore, PhD

Vice President, Clinical Research

Melissa Moore, PhD is the Vice President of Clinical Research at Plus Therapeutics, Inc.

Dr. Moore has over fifteen years of experience in oncology, molecular diagnostics and radiotherapeutic drug development. Her corporate roles include start-up leadership experience, full lifecycle product development, funding & capitalization, manufacturing and regulatory strategy. Prior to joining Plus Therapeutics, she was a co-founder of SOFIE and served as its Chief Technology Officer. While at Sofie, she was specifically responsible for leading the Clinical Development Program, Radiopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Operations, and the Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs Division. Dr. Moore has also led Development at the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation in New York.

Previously, she was a Visiting Scientist at University of California, Los Angeles and principal investigator on numerous governmental grants and contracts. Additionally, she sits on various related scientific review boards for the National Institute of Health. Dr. Moore received her Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Berkeley and her PhD from University of California, Los Angeles, where she also completed her post-doctorate research in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology.