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Manish Aghi, MD PhD

Professor, Neurological Surgery, at the Weill Institute for Neurosciences at the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Manish Aghi is a neurosurgeon, scientist and current faculty member in the department of neurological surgery and graduate division of biomedical sciences, as well as a principal investigator in the Brain Tumor Research Center at UCSF. He completed his MD-PhD Program through the Medical Scientist Training Program at Harvard Medical School, followed by neurological surgery residency and postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Aghi serves as principal investigator on multiple industry sponsored and investigator-initiated Phase 1-2 clinical trials comparing immunotherapy versus anti-angiogenic therapy of recurrent glioblastoma, as well as investigating convection-enhanced delivery of oncolytic viruses and nanoliposomal chemotherapy to recurrent glioblastoma.